Freedom Tower by Choi

Hello! And, welcome to my personal website!

My name is Sung June. But, please, call me Choi!
(Actually, it is my last name. But, I think the word portrays me so well)

I studied Accounting and Finance (bachelor degree) in London, UK.
Rather than staying and dealing with Brexit in UK, I came to New York to start my journey as a photographer. 

And, as of right now, I am a Studio Manager working for a famous wedding photographer who is based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 

There are three major goals of this website.
- Uploading pictures I took.
- Uploading various photographs that inspire me.
- Uploading imageries produced via Photoshop or Capture One.

Simply, this website serves as an imagery archive or collection!
It is entirely my own taste in imageries. But, I do hope you enjoy my activities here! 


All photos on this site were taken by Sung June Choi (ME!). And, images that do not originate from me will be provided with actual artist's name or source of the images.